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Technology Update
The CFA Technology Committee is concentrating on plans for standardizing the accounts receivable detail aging file format. With this format, each lender would be capable of interfacing with each individual borrower's accounts. The Committee had previously voted in favor of a long format for the standardized invoice. One problem with producing a standard invoice is that different industries have different types of invoices, according to one of the vendors. Another problem with the long invoice, according to another software vendor, was that in order for the format to be useful in the factoring industry, it would require at least two other fields. The accounts receivable product would also be in XML language.

DWD Technology Group
Efficiency, accuracy, cost effectiveness and a competitive advantage are all vital aspects of successful businesses and can be attained, to a degree, through the use of technology. DWD Technology Group, a division of Dulin, Ward and DeWald Inc., has been helping ...

Solving the Technology Mystery
CIOs are stuck in a balancing act that is far from envious. Besides evaluating the potential of emerging and existing technology solutions, CIOs must also learn which applications will best support their chain's business goals. In search of some practical solutions to these taxing issues, retail information technology (IT) executives turned out for the third annual Global POS & Store Operations Summit. Enticing new technologies continue to hit the marketplace, yet chains' razor-thin IT budgets keep CIOs from being swayed by the newest "gee-whiz" solution. Since retailers do not have the deep pockets found in high-budget industries such as insurance and finance, retail chains are more careful in their IT spending decisions. However, companies still want to deploy solutions that will actually augment their business. And the best way to assess the best IT additions, according to the panelists, is to conduct an enterprise-level systems assessment....